7 Sep 2015

Belated exhibition roundup

The Canberra Quilters Exhibition was another great one this year, and it was lovely to see our quilts hanging.

My son's first quilt looked great;

I was very pleased with my finished quilt too;

And my daughter's quilt won a highly commended in the primary school aged children's section, and the Bernina encouragement award.

Yes, that's a Bernina as the prize.  She is so thrilled and excited -  and has even cleaned up her desk to make room for it.  Tidying doesn't come easy, so it's a true measure of excitement.


Olivia said...

How wonderful! A big congratulations to her.

becanne said...

Your quilt is awesome. How big is it?
And the kids quilts are fantastic. Well done all round!

ruthsplace said...

Congratulations to your daughter! How very exciting. I love your quilt too.