22 Jul 2015

note to self (quilt exhibition edition)

The Canberra Quilters fabulous exhibition is fast approaching, and I'm looking forward to it. Well, I'll be looking forward to it more after this Saturday, which is dropoff day.

This year I've encouraged my children to enter quilts.  My daughter's was done by the end of the summer holidays, and has been waiting in the cupboard ever since.  It's not perfect in any single way, but she loves it, and can't wait to have it on her bed.

My son is a different matter.  He ended up doing a quilt as you go method, since I thought it would be easiest given my scant skills in that area.   This afternoon we'll be trimming his quilt and binding it. With tomorrow as the backup day if things go wrong. Again, it's a far from perfect quilt, but he was very reluctant to undo any mistakes, so has just carried on regardless of any tension, folding or other issues.  He'll be very happy when it's finished.

I've also entered a quilt this year. It's for my nephew, and the main reason I entered it is to give me an external deadline to complete it.  I love making quilts, but I'm not actually very good at it. This is never more obvious to me than when I'm machine quilting. I've hand quilted the whole centre of this quilt, which has made the machine quilting around the edges more achievable. I'm expecting to finish the quilting this afternoon, ready to bind tomorrow. That will leave Friday for putting sleeves and labels on the quilts.

Come Saturday, my daughter and I will drop the quilts off, and then we'll enjoy seeing them hanging at the show.  Maybe they'll even inspire someone to give quilting a go.

So as I finish the quilting today, and try to fend off more performance anxiety, I'll be reminding myself why I entered in the first place; so Dylan can have his quilt.And that's a pretty good reason really.