22 Jun 2015

Wintery slump

It's been a busy time. A full month of work absorbed my energy and time. One advantage was leaving my husband to be in charge of the morning's routine.  He does it well, and when his work was pressing my wonderful inlaws took up the load.  Another advantage was getting to see the sun rise on  my way across the city. If only I wasn't driving, I could have taken some lovely photos of it. One memorable morning I got to see the moon set and the sun rise.

I've had to make some decisions regarding my exhibition entry. (Really, I should be having these thoughts in October or so, but I didn't.)  I've decided to enter the quilt I started in a workshop with Kathy Doughty using her modern wedges technique. Most bloggers would insert a link here to the entry they made about that workshop, but apparently I didn't blog about it.

So I've been spending some time hand quilting in front of various movies. This one is Russell Crowe's the Water Diviner, and a sobfest it is too.  There's a long, long way to go on the quilting.

The other thing that's been taking up a lot of space in our lives and minds is the high school application process. When I started high school, my country town had one high school. There was no choice.  Next year my boy will move to high school. There are so many schools he could go to it's been a bit intimidating narrowing the choices down.  And then there's the whole worry if he'll be accepted.  In the end, we applied for both public and private schools, and are hoping to receive offers this week. If we don't, my head will probably explode.