11 Apr 2015

Charm Square Swap and the resulting quilt top

Back in January, I signed up to be part of Ms Midge's charm square swap. This particular swap required all fabrics be designed by Anna Maria Horner. So a riot of colour and pattern was pretty much guaranteed. The stash came through, and I commenced cutting, and sent my squares off.

The parcel I received back was, as expected, full of wonderful fabrics.

I considered various options to use them. Usually, I admire swaps and put them away in the cupboard to be never seen again, but this time action was required.  In the end I opted for an applique effect, using my Sizzix cutter and it's songbird die.

The birds were set on a  red linen background and surprisingly only one seems to blend into the red.  It's only a top at this stage, but I'm looking forward to quilting it after the school holiday mayhem subsides. And then taking a photo without the clothesline.


Michelle said...

LEAH!! This is stunning!!!!!

Bower Bird Patch said...

Good on you Leah! It's lovely and seriously bright! Will this one be a keeper or is it destined as a gift? I look forward to seeing it quilted, do you have any ideas about how you'll quilt it? Jen

MsMidge said...

This is totally fabulous Leah! Thanks for joining in!

becanne said...

Awesome. Will be wonderful to snuggle under that when it is finished.

ruthsplace said...

Wow! It's fabulous!!