19 Feb 2015

Back to school vs Cricket World Cup

 It's a clash of two cultures in our house at the moment.  We're trying to take a methodical, routine-based approach to a smooth start to the school year, but this has been met head on by the excitement of the Cricket World Cup.

School's going well for us, and it was great to meet our children's new teachers. I think this year should go well.  A new friend and a surprisingly early school camp are helping me feel hopeful.

I've been indulging in the usual cleaning once the children have returned to school, so that's keeping me busy.  Lest you think this is a treat, it's not, but I'm finding as I age, order in the house increases my calm. Other people discover this a lot earlier, but there you go.

School pickup also provides me with me that oasis of calm, knitting time. I'm knitting along with Ysolda's Follow Your Arrow 2. I'm a week behind, but that's OK.

Australia and New Zealand are the joint hosts of this year's Cricket World Cup. There are three games being played in Canberra, and we're hoping to attend them all.

Last night we watched Bangladesh play Afghanistan. It was Afghanistan's first game in a world cup, so that was pretty exciting. I was really surprised though by how many Bangladeshi fans were present - it seemed like Manuka Oval was full of them.  

The atmosphere was different than the other games we've been to - lots of excited cheering, flag waving and dancing. It was great - we had a fabulous time. Other things were different too - very long lines at the coffee stalls, and no waiting at the bars. It was also 6 hours after the start of play before the first Mexican wave. But it was a good one - five times around the stadium.  There was only one other wave - and it was travelling in the opposite direction to the first.  This one only made it once around before being interrupted by a wicket.

The game was good too - despite being beaten, Afghanistan didn't embarass themselves.  The Bangladesh team had impressive fielding - always nice to see. 

I was glad to see the Zing wickets we'd enjoyed during the Big Bash League final were being used in the World Cup - they're so easy to see as a spectator. The big screens didn't seem to show many replays, so it was doubly important not to miss a single wicket.  One nice touch was the drummers stationed around the ground.  Their accompaniment to the bursts of music between overs really involved the crowd and added a touch of magic,

Next week, the West Indies and Zimbabwe!

5 Feb 2015

The end of summer

The last week of January is always an uneasy one. I'm feeling the strain of so much marvelous, uninterrupted family time, and the children are feeling the uneasy anticipation of returning to school.
We had a surprisingly cool summer holiday this year, so the blow up pool we finally splurged on hasn't really been used all that much. I've used it a few times in the evening after a warm, argumentative day, but the hordes of mosquitoes that joined me made it a less than relaxing experience,

On the bright side, this is the third day that my children have been back at school, and all is well.  This is a minor miracle, considering the anxiety that has plagued us for years.

So far my days  have been catching up on the errands I've been putting off in the school holidays.