31 Dec 2014

Looking back

New Year's Eve and I've been introducing the children to the concept of evaluating your year, and setting goals for the coming year. I don't really do it myself, but it seemed like something organised people do.

We've had a pretty good year, although it has seemed a little like treading water in places.

One big event, which will probably be unique to 2014 for us, was being drawn out by the ACT government to attend a small gathering to watch a tree planting. The tree in question, an English Oak, was planted by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and his wife Catherine.

We both were thrilled to shake hands with them both, and exchange a few words.

While waiting to meet the Duchess, my daughter noticed the ring on her royal and pointed it out to me. I'm so glad she did, because otherwise I wouldn't have noticed, and OMG it's Diana's ring of course. (I was 10 when Charles and Diana married, and paid close attention to every detail the Sydney Morning Herald could give me, so I knew ALL about that ring.)

We had such a nice time. I was thrilled by the warmth projected to us.

Tomorrow, I'll be setting out my goals for 2015. I think it's time to get ambitious!

17 Dec 2014

Swapping mug rugs

It's been a long time since I was part of a swap. Life's been getting in the way, and losing my sewing room has made much more effort required for sewing to occur. When Angie launched a mug rug swap though, I thought I could probably manage it.

(A mug rug is a very small quilt, just big enough for a mug of coffee and perhaps a small plate. I like using them for my water bottle.)

That was before I got my swap partner. I was thrilled when I saw who my recipient would be. Then I started getting scared, because this quilter's very talented, organised and a prize winner.

So I put off starting, although was drawing up plans, most involving fussy cutting from my large collection of Christmas prints. Last week was when I planned to actually start, but I hit a snag when I couldn't find my fabric. I still can't find it.

Obviously, I changed the plan. Instead, I wanted a create an idealised version of a camping Christmas. It's one of our favourite things to do for the festive season, but is rarely as picturesque as I imagine.

It's a very simple quilt, with the silhouetted campsite vleisofixed onto my sky background. I didn't actually stitch around the image, as I thought given the heavy quilting I landed, and the end use of the quilt I thought it would be ok.

I'm pleased with the mug rug, and hope the recipient likes it too.

I'm looking forward to receiving my mug rug from my other, as yet unknown swap partner.