24 Oct 2014

Time for Christmas Lights

Long ago, we went on a giant trip around the world with our best friends.

Kim and I were both working as teachers, and together with our husbands spent a lot of time together. We'd just bought our first house, and were settling into paying the mortgage. Then came the idea of a trip. We talked about it every single weekend, and during the week as well, on the super-cool yahoo messenger.

In the end, we went overseas for the entire summer holiday in December 1999, and had a fabulous (and exhausting) trip. Las Vegas, New York, Niagara, Washington, Orlando (well, Disneyworld), London, Cairo, Luxor and Johannesburg (well, Kruger NP.)

Here's Kim & I with Walt in Disneyworld.

Happy times.

One of the things I loved about New York was the way the trees were decorated for the festive season. Of course, they were bare in winter, which showed off the fairy lights that wrapped around them wonderfully.  It was the first time I'd seen lights like this, and I thought they were so magical.

As solar lights have become more affordable, I've indulged in decorating our yard more. This year, I bought plain white strings, with the plan of dressing our yard. Not overtly Christmassy, but lovely. To my eyes anyway.

And to the eyes of my children, who helped me wrap the trunks.

This inspired a whole garden plan. We might not implement the whole thing, but I love it.

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