10 Oct 2014

School holiday musings

Lately, I've become an even slacker blog writer. It feels like my other roles are a little more organised though. The housekeeping side is looking fairly organised. Routines are happening to keep us in a fairly good state. Not clear bench tops or daily vacuuming or anything extreme like that, but no descent into chaos either.

The children have been enjoying their school holidays. We've managed a few days away down at the Tumut Caravan Park, which was very nice. Fishing was apparently high on the list of things the kids wanted to do, so they fished. Unsuccessfully, but still. They're having a sleepover with their cousins right now, which is why I'm still awake. (Surely they'll sleep soon.) We've done a workshop at the library on stop-go animation and seen a movie. It's a late surge of activity before school returns on Monday.

Here's a badly focused sample of what we learnt at the workshop;

I'm always excited at the beginning of school holidays, and pleased at the end.

Thinking of school returning, it's time for me to start getting serious about Christmas. My series last year of aiming to do ten Christmas crafts in 100 days was a failure, but I was pleased with everything I made. It's time for list making; crafts, gifts, and plans in general. And yes, quite possibly a Pinterest board or two as planning tools.

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ruthsplace said...

I'd settle for a house that hasn't descended into chaos!

I also started thinking about Christmas gifts this year, not sure how many I'm going to get done. Probably not the hand knit socks that my MIL requested! There's not enough hours in the day at the moment. I hope you have better luck with your list.