30 Oct 2014

Follow Your Arrow Knitalong

Astonishingly, it's a finished project.

In January, I joined in with another knitalong on Ravelry, blithely ignoring my 100% failure-to-complete record with knitalongs.

The pattern was a mystery, the designer clever, and the wool delightful.
I am thrilled with my shawl. I'm also very, very happy to have finished a knitalong, even if I took a few months longer than the majority of the other participants.

28 Oct 2014


1989 was my first year after high school.  I was far away from home, living in a college, and studying in  the first of my years at University.  I met my now-husband, and had an all round fabulous time. I didn't know one student with a computer of their own, and our floor of 18 girls shared one phone.  The olden days, obviously.

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift was busy being born, and she's chosen to call her new album after the year of her birth.

Last year, I won two tickets to go see Taylor in her concert in Sydney through an instant win Coca Cola competition. Of course, my next step was to go buy her album and play it non-stop in the car.  I was pretty excited, and the children were arguing about who would get to go. So I entered again and again and again, and won two more tickets.  Then everyone was happy (my husband is very obliging in these matters...)


We had such a good time at the concert, and have been listening to Taylor very regularly ever since.

So when the 1989 album was launched today, I was down at the shops to buy it. This morning. Because we like the music, and Taylor seems like a perfectly good rock star for my kids to be paying attention to.

27 Oct 2014

Home and away

These last few weeks have been a mix of time away for everyone in the family, separately. Two school camps, a rugby trip and a quilting retreat - perfect!

Once again, I visited Russellee for my retreat, where Dorothy looked after our group of friends so very well. It's such a lovely rural setting, and delicious country food at very regular intervals. A great break.

This time, I didn't manage to get all the sewing done that I'd planned.

Still, two thirds of my quilt has been pieced, sandwiched and quilted, which makes me happy.

I haven't actually done any more on it, since returning home but hope to soon.

24 Oct 2014

Time for Christmas Lights

Long ago, we went on a giant trip around the world with our best friends.

Kim and I were both working as teachers, and together with our husbands spent a lot of time together. We'd just bought our first house, and were settling into paying the mortgage. Then came the idea of a trip. We talked about it every single weekend, and during the week as well, on the super-cool yahoo messenger.

In the end, we went overseas for the entire summer holiday in December 1999, and had a fabulous (and exhausting) trip. Las Vegas, New York, Niagara, Washington, Orlando (well, Disneyworld), London, Cairo, Luxor and Johannesburg (well, Kruger NP.)

Here's Kim & I with Walt in Disneyworld.

Happy times.

One of the things I loved about New York was the way the trees were decorated for the festive season. Of course, they were bare in winter, which showed off the fairy lights that wrapped around them wonderfully.  It was the first time I'd seen lights like this, and I thought they were so magical.

As solar lights have become more affordable, I've indulged in decorating our yard more. This year, I bought plain white strings, with the plan of dressing our yard. Not overtly Christmassy, but lovely. To my eyes anyway.

And to the eyes of my children, who helped me wrap the trunks.

This inspired a whole garden plan. We might not implement the whole thing, but I love it.

10 Oct 2014

School holiday musings

Lately, I've become an even slacker blog writer. It feels like my other roles are a little more organised though. The housekeeping side is looking fairly organised. Routines are happening to keep us in a fairly good state. Not clear bench tops or daily vacuuming or anything extreme like that, but no descent into chaos either.

The children have been enjoying their school holidays. We've managed a few days away down at the Tumut Caravan Park, which was very nice. Fishing was apparently high on the list of things the kids wanted to do, so they fished. Unsuccessfully, but still. They're having a sleepover with their cousins right now, which is why I'm still awake. (Surely they'll sleep soon.) We've done a workshop at the library on stop-go animation and seen a movie. It's a late surge of activity before school returns on Monday.

Here's a badly focused sample of what we learnt at the workshop;

I'm always excited at the beginning of school holidays, and pleased at the end.

Thinking of school returning, it's time for me to start getting serious about Christmas. My series last year of aiming to do ten Christmas crafts in 100 days was a failure, but I was pleased with everything I made. It's time for list making; crafts, gifts, and plans in general. And yes, quite possibly a Pinterest board or two as planning tools.