14 Jul 2014

Term break

Nine weeks later, I find myself returning to this blog. It feels like I've missed an entire term. There have been lots of blogworthy events, but I've been  absent.  I'll catch up on the ig highlights over the next week.

For the meantime, the children have enjoyed their first week of school holidays.  We've been down the coast for a few days to stay with my parents, and go whalewatching.

Home for a couple of days, a double playdate (the horror!) and then all of us to Sydney. My main priority was the Quilt Show, which was great.

We also spent the day at Taronga Zoo, and a morning at IKEA.

Now we're home, much to the relief of the cat.

Ideally, we'll finally get this room swapping finished before school returns.

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ruthsplace said...

Looks like you've had a great holiday. How was the quilt show? I'd have loved to have gone.