30 Mar 2014

Making Everyday Easier - breakfast sorted!

Lately, I've only been blogging when something exciting happens. Like a holiday. We've been on a few holidays in the last year, so that's helped.

Everyday life has been feeling more demanding, and I've barely done any crafting, so there hasn't been any finished crafty projects to show off. So I'm trying to think of ways of getting ahead and organised.

Pinterest has been full of suggestions, and today I've been trying out make ahead breakfasts. My children love to eat an egg for breakfast, and I'm very happy for that to continue - great protein source, sustained energy, and it doesn't take them an hour to eat. (Sadly, cereal does actually take an hour to eat. It's infuriating!)

I baked eggs in silicon cups for about 10 minutes in a moderate oven.

I brushed the cups with a little melted butter for non-stick insurance, and they slipped right out.

One child prefers plain egg, and other wanted bacon and a little cheese on their egg muffin. I cooked the bacon in the oven too, since it was already on.

Pinterest suggested wrapping the finished muffins in paper towel, since the best microwave results are achieved by cooking in it.

So the muffins are in the freezer, and we'll be taste testing in the morning. Apparently one minute in the microwave will do it.

I'm looking forward to it; easy cooking, and no washing up of that little frypan every day.


Michelle said...

Love the idea of make-ahead breakfasts! Would be perfect for me in summer when I swim before work. Let us know how they go!

gnomeangel said...

This looks fabulous! I'm a huge fan of getting organised and planning ahead. I'm totally going to give this a go. Thanks for sharing!