13 Mar 2014

Getting our groove back

School's back, the kids are attending art and ballet classes three afternoons a week, and it feels like we're right back into things. Not smoothly of course, since we're still tending to anxiety as the default setting, but we're showing up. This is a win.

My energy's consumed with worrying and (mostly) relief on a daily basis. Any left over is being spent on maintaining the house in some sort of order.

I'm way behind with my knitting, but am working on it. The last few weeks, I've been arriving at school to pick the children up half an hour early, and spending the time knitting. It used to be I'd get two rows done while waiting, but the shawl is growing, and I'm down to about a row and a half. Slow but steady.

I'm also thinking about a new quilt project (well, maybe more than one...) and I think these are the fabrics I want to use;

Your thoughts are welcome. I think something's missing from this combination, but since it's a round robin style quilt I might just start anyway. I can always introduce it when I figure out what's needed.

It's quite possible I should finish something rather than start something new. That's what Mum would say anyway.


nisabell said...

Ahh but that is not what Mum would do :-)

Michelle said...

Love those fabrics!