12 Jan 2014

Lazy holidays

School holidays continue, with hot days, late nights and even later mornings. The children seem to have lost the need to wake their parents early, so we've been luxuriating in sleepins.

There's been a little sewing, but not much.

A little baking, but not much.

And lots and of minecraft and audio books.

Next week, I think we'll be back to the swimming, reading and minecraft type holiday. Fortunately, I love lolling about... And I'll have a new knitting project to get stuck into.

2 Jan 2014

Looking back even further

Today is my blogiversary; on this day in 2006, I started writing this blog. At the time, I was lonely and at home with my two small children. We'd just moved to the city, away from my friends and family.

A lot has changed since then - and I no longer make new year resolutions for my children - but I'm still happy to be popping in here periodically. I'll never be a super blogger, with an agency, writing about the wonders of Woolworths for a couple of thousand dollars. Attending the Problogger conference last year cemented things in my mind, and I'm happy to be irregular, slack and unsponsored. It's okay, since it's my choice.

And since a post without a photo is like a politician without a travel allowance, here's a selfie found on my phone after our recent camping trip.