18 Dec 2013

A handmade Christmas

I was aiming for a handmade Christmas this year. Instead, I've completed one present with my hands and most of the rest with my credit card.

In saying that, I'm quite pleased with my finished Milo vest, and will be very pleased when it has arrived safely in England for my niece.

I dyed the wool for this, attempting a gradient effect. I was quite pleased, although the bottom layer seems like a big difference in intensity of colour.

There are many different cable options for this vest, and I chose the XO option - hugs and kisses.


Olivia said...

Impressive work with the gradient effect! I think the darker strip at the bottom works well like that.

ruthsplace said...

The dyeing looks great on the vest. I'm a mostly fail for hand made Christmas this year too. I ran out of ideas and time.