31 Dec 2013

Looking back

Tonight I've been enjoying reading lots of posts on blogs looking back over 2013.  To assist me writing one, I scanned through the photos I've posted on Instagram.  There's lots of pictures of my cat, quite a lot of my children swimming in scenic locations, food, and one or two crafty projects.

This has not been a productive year. {Erases lists of ways I have not been a productive crafter or blogger.} I can be kind to myself and not spell out for the world all my negative thoughts about me.

Instead, I can choose to think about the fun time we spent today at a local river beach celebrating a family birthday.

Tonight we've had a quiet evening at home, but I've made an investment for the new year - a new pattern.  Tomorrow awaits.

27 Dec 2013

Camping Christmas

This year, we spent Christmas camping with my husband's family. Eight adults, six children, two tents and two campers made for a busy campsite. We were lucky with the weather and spent a lot of time swimming in the river.

Solar lights meant we weren't without flashy festive decorations! and I loved using my candle lanterns again.

It's good to be home again.

We haven't had a Christmas at home for about five years now - maybe next year it would be nice. Or an all inclusive tropical resort. Or an African safari. Something like that.

18 Dec 2013

A handmade Christmas

I was aiming for a handmade Christmas this year. Instead, I've completed one present with my hands and most of the rest with my credit card.

In saying that, I'm quite pleased with my finished Milo vest, and will be very pleased when it has arrived safely in England for my niece.

I dyed the wool for this, attempting a gradient effect. I was quite pleased, although the bottom layer seems like a big difference in intensity of colour.

There are many different cable options for this vest, and I chose the XO option - hugs and kisses.

1 Dec 2013


Oh, it comes around quickly.

In the last few days, we've
* attended the dress rehearsal and triumphant ballet concerts to watch our eaglet.
* found and bought very cheap Birkenstocks (costco!)
* delighted the cat by putting up the Christmas tree
* felt overwhelmed several times
* started writing lists (to alleviate previous point)
* loved the sunshine.