20 Nov 2013

Living it up on a tropical Queensland island

The last week has been spent in luxury. I was lucky enough to win a Nescafé promotion earlier this year, and won a holiday on beautiful Hayman Island.

It's been on my dream holiday list since the late eighties, when I was still reading fashion magazines, and every swimsuit feature seemed to be shot on Hayman. That pool is spectacular, no wonder the editors liked it.

This was the dreamy view from our room. So, so beautiful.

Underwater was also beautiful. We went on a couple of snorkelling trips, and enjoyed them enormously.

Helicopter sightseeing trips were also included, and I spotted a turtle during my flight. Sadly they avoided us while we were snorkelling.

We also spent heaps of time in the pool.it was so, so nice.

And the food (also included) was lovely.

I took my knitting, for some crafty action, but didn't take it out of my suitcase. I was too busy enjoying myself.

It was so, so nice to relax - thank you Nescafé, and I'll definitely be entering the next promotion I see in Woolies.


AJ said...

Lucky you! Looks lovely!

ruthsplace said...

Looks like a fantastic trip! Congrats on the win.