16 Oct 2013

More Christmas Crafting

Well, it's now a mere 70 sleeps until Christmas.  Of course, in terms of Christmas decorating it's probably more like 40 sleeps till decorating time.  When glitter and sparkly lights and Christmas Lego take over the house, and that fabulous cat toy known as the Christmas tree adorns our lounge-room.
My latest Christmas  crafting project has been preprinted bunting.  I've ironed them onto a green damask patterned backing, and cut the diagonals with a pinking blade on my rotary cutter.  Having little confidence in the aged vleisofix, I've stitched along the edges so the triangles will hold properly.  Then I just sewed the triangles into a folded satin ribbon (which has the advantage of finished edges.) 

I'm very pleased with how they look - and have ended up with about 12 metres of bunting from my one panel.

They look great against our trees (which means they should work well for our camping Christmas years) and also look fine inside.

That's another project off the list - excellent!

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ruthsplace said...

The bunting looks really fun.