11 Sep 2013

Three reasons to be happy spring has arrived

Firstly, the warm weather has started. It's such a treat after a fairly cold and grey winter. Last year, I was lucky enough to be included in the annual bulb dig after Canberra's spring flower festival Floriade. I brought lots of tulips home and planted them in my garden, and gave some away to my inlaws and local sister as well.
They're just about ready to flower, and I'm thrilled.

Secondly, it's warm enough to camp. Not here, but on the coast. We had a lovely weekend by the shores of Jervis Bay.
Thirdly, it means that the Problogger Conference is nearly here. I'm leaving the family behind and heading to the glamorous Gold Coast.

But first, I'm stopping along the way in Brisbane to see the Quilts exhibition.

And cannot wait. To see the quilts anyway..., the conference I'm a leetle nervous about!

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