26 Sep 2013

Planning for Christmas Crafting; project one

Today it's 90 days till Christmas, and my first project is complete. This little ornament is very simply sewn together and stuffed.

Luckily, I had some hobby fill in the stash. It's a fibrous material used to stuff toys, and I purchased the bag in 2005 - Spotlight kindly taped the receipt to the bag! Obviously, I don't make many toys.

It's a very simple project, and pretty much all I've been able to do. My cold turned into a big one, and then into a chest infection/sinusitis combo. The misery isn't over yet, but I'm hoping it will be gone SOON.


nisabell said...

You make me laugh, at least you were going to use some when you made the discovery of how long ago you bought it.

ruthsplace said...

The ornament is adorable. I hope your cold heals up soon.