12 Sep 2013

Mountains vs beaches

It's not hard to know what i find so wonderful about mountains.
It's the smell. I adore the smell of the mountains; that fresh, clean air.  Snow grass has a special scent all it's own, and I can't get enough of it.  Often it's cool when we visit the mountains, so that freshness  nearly burns, like a nose full of eucalyptus.  We can see the Brindabella mountains around my hometown of Canberra, and my eyes are often drawn to them. Is there snow? Smoke? Maybe a haze.   When we take a trip to the mountains, my kids will be in any stream they can find.  It's all about the water for them, regardless of the temperature.

But beaches? They're wonderful too.
I adore the smell of the beach. Fresh, salty air with accents of coconutty sunblock. It's usually windy when we're at the beach, which means the waves are busy and it's generally invigorating.  There are rock pools to explore, and if we're lucky there'll be some cuttlefish washed up, and maybe a sponge to collect {that can bring invigorating smells if we're unlucky!}. The air is more humid near the sea, which feels like a blessing on your skin after our dry home.  But that wears off.  Then it's just more of that oppressive humidity.  And sand. And sand flies.
The children love it.  There's just so much water, you see.

We'll continue to holiday in both the mountains and at the beach, but for me and my nose, it's got to be the mountains.

This post was written as part of a challenge at the ProBlogger Conference.

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