7 Sep 2013

Jeans transformation

Quite some time ago, I pinned a tutorial for converting a pair of jeans into a skirt. This seemed like a great idea, not least since it would eliminate the fit problems that low rise jeans give when combined with my figure.
Last week, I finally took the plunge.

The first method involved unpicking the seams along the inner leg. I started with this technique, but it was really slow. I'm impatient, so switched to the rotary cutter and cut the seams off instead.
Next step was to slice more off; specifically, that pointy bit where the seams previously met between the legs.

Trimming the legs off resulted in a couple of rectangular pieces which I used to fill the gaps.
I just tried to fill the front in with flat piece, being a little worried about what would happen to the shape of the skirt.

In contrast, I angled the back ex-leg pieces out which meant I could add more fabric in, thinking it would be a fuller finish. Turns out, it's not that different, and the extra room starts midway down the thighs. As could have been predicted if I'd thought it through. There are no pictures of the back, since its nearly impossible to take a back skirt selfie - this was awkward enough!

Turns out there's no pictures of the front either - it was both abysmal and sideways!

I'm quite happy with this as an addition to my spring wardrobe. Although I could do with a new pair of jeans...

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ruthsplace said...

The skirt looks great. I've been wanting to try something like this too.