2 Aug 2013


Just after Christmas, roughly half the quilters on the internet were swept up in the madness of the scrappytripalong. On Instagram, searching with the hashtag  "scrappytripalong" brings up 6644 photos of wonderful quilts.  The Flickr group is a great way to see lots of lovely examples of this quilt too.

The instructions, found at Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville site are very clear, but I had trouble visualising the steps.  Fortunately, Michelle demonstrated the technique at a local meeting, and I then understood. 

I used two "Glamping" jelly rolls for this quilt, and it will be used on my daughter's bed.

For the binding, I used leftover pieces from the jelly roll strips, which each measure about 10 inches.  
I quilted it mostly with straight lines, although there is a section through the middle where there are 5 wavy lines.  This was an experiment - but my free motion skills are not great, and  thread breaking issues meant I was happy to revert to just straight lines using the walking foot.  This quilt measures about 60 inches square, and this really is about the limit in size that I can quilt on my machine.

In other good news, this quilt finish means my stash is now 6 metres thinner.... but unfortunately I neutralised that with some lovely fabric from Addicted to Fabric's sale.  Oops!  


Suse said...

Were you in Melbourne yesterday? I think i saw you at an exhibition?!

(Of course i only know the back of your head so there is a slight possibility inwas mistaken ...)

Leah said...

Sadly, no. I'm home in Canberra.

Michelle said...

It's just fantastic! And that fabric is the best.

I'm with you on the 60 inch limit for home quilting! Although I'm about to quilt a 70 incher ... may have to call the wahhhhh-bulance for that one. I'll be whinging until the cows come home.

ruthsplace said...

I love the colours in this.