18 Aug 2013

Escape from winter

Winter's been feeling oppressive lately. Long, and without the sunny days that are typical of our Canberra winters.
Our boy has been playing footy on every weekend all season, so we haven't had a chance to get away.      My parents live on the coast, so I rang them and invited myself down for the weekend.  I took my daughter along, while 'the boys' stayed home.
We had such a lovely break - the weather was perfect, and spring had arrived in Mum & Dad's garden.  Freesias, violets, lemons and the start of the jasmine made for a delicious cocktail for the nose. And green, green grass, where we've still got yellow here. Lovely.

Hopeful of spotting some whales, we took a drive out to Point Perpendicular.  No whales, but gorgeous views.

Dropping in on Honeymoon Bay, it seemed warm enough to swim.

And when I got home, I found some miniature daffodils flowering in our garden, and the sun was shining.
We're making plans; spring's on the way.

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