18 Aug 2013

Escape from winter

Winter's been feeling oppressive lately. Long, and without the sunny days that are typical of our Canberra winters.
Our boy has been playing footy on every weekend all season, so we haven't had a chance to get away.      My parents live on the coast, so I rang them and invited myself down for the weekend.  I took my daughter along, while 'the boys' stayed home.
We had such a lovely break - the weather was perfect, and spring had arrived in Mum & Dad's garden.  Freesias, violets, lemons and the start of the jasmine made for a delicious cocktail for the nose. And green, green grass, where we've still got yellow here. Lovely.

Hopeful of spotting some whales, we took a drive out to Point Perpendicular.  No whales, but gorgeous views.

Dropping in on Honeymoon Bay, it seemed warm enough to swim.

And when I got home, I found some miniature daffodils flowering in our garden, and the sun was shining.
We're making plans; spring's on the way.

15 Aug 2013

Blog Reading without Google Reader

It's been about six weeks now since Google Reader was shut down. Such a useful thing - easy to use and understand, and I loved how it could be part of my I-google homepage. Now, there's much less reason to use google to start every computer trip I take.

I've tried out a few alternatives, and have settled on Feedly. But I forget to visit. Days go by without my reading any blogs. I used to start all computer time by checking for updates. Now, it just slips my mind. Writers who tweet when they've blogged help remind me, as do those who I follow on Instagram.

As a result, I've started to think more about the purpose of a multi stranded social media approach. Previously, I thought it was overkill, and just for overachievers. Now, I'm not so sure.

Logically, I should be tweeting that I've written this.

Oh, and what have I been doing with all the extra free time I've gained google reader left us? Making pictures like this, and other similarly important tasks.

12 Aug 2013

Quilt show

The Canberra Quilters show this year was fabulous! So much colour, so much talent, my brain is still buzzing.

I've no pictures of the quilts to publish but the winning quilts can be seen on the website http://canberraquilters.org.au

This time, I restricted my shopping to just a few magazines (past issues and thus heavily reduced) and a gel printing plate which I'm keen to experiment with.

I'm also more determined to have an exhibition quilt next year.

7 Aug 2013

Pillowcases with crocheted edging

My very patient local sister (I have two very patient sisters) requested some pillowcases with crocheted edging for her Christmas present.

Finally, I've delivered.

Sweet dreams, little sister.

2 Aug 2013


Just after Christmas, roughly half the quilters on the internet were swept up in the madness of the scrappytripalong. On Instagram, searching with the hashtag  "scrappytripalong" brings up 6644 photos of wonderful quilts.  The Flickr group is a great way to see lots of lovely examples of this quilt too.

The instructions, found at Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville site are very clear, but I had trouble visualising the steps.  Fortunately, Michelle demonstrated the technique at a local meeting, and I then understood. 

I used two "Glamping" jelly rolls for this quilt, and it will be used on my daughter's bed.

For the binding, I used leftover pieces from the jelly roll strips, which each measure about 10 inches.  
I quilted it mostly with straight lines, although there is a section through the middle where there are 5 wavy lines.  This was an experiment - but my free motion skills are not great, and  thread breaking issues meant I was happy to revert to just straight lines using the walking foot.  This quilt measures about 60 inches square, and this really is about the limit in size that I can quilt on my machine.

In other good news, this quilt finish means my stash is now 6 metres thinner.... but unfortunately I neutralised that with some lovely fabric from Addicted to Fabric's sale.  Oops!