29 Jul 2013

Monday means Menu Planning Day

This morning has been busy. Persuading the children to rise and shine, and then actually to go to school. One of them regards school as a perpetual play date, the other doesn't see the point of attending. Sigh.

I've powered through a lot of the items on my list of chores. This is worthy noting, since I'm fairly easily distracted. So part of "Do the washing" was sorting through the tub of backpacks we keep in the laundry. A worthy task, but hardly urgent. Still, it's done now. As well as the washing.

So, the menu.

Monday; stir fried hokkein noodles with minced beef and vegetables.
Tuesday; bulgogi pork with rice and stir fried veg
Wednesday; sausages and creamy pasta ( based on carbonara but with veg)
Thursday; chicken Kiev, potatoes and vegetables
Friday; toasted sandwiches.
Saturday; lasagne and salad
Sunday; leftovers

In addition, I'm baking an orange cake and plan to make some biscuits as well.

The grocery list is delightfully slim; some vegetables, lasagne noodles and some cheese for the lunch boxes.

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