19 Jul 2013

Knitting with the Ashes

My all time favourite sport to watch on the tv is cricket. I think it's because the commentators speak, rather than yell. Quietly spoken men, recounting strange anecdotes and complaining about the scorching conditions (up to 27 degrees today!) It's the soundtrack for a good deal of my childhood, and as such, I find it soothing.
Particularly when my husband's away for work, as he's not tempted to flick around the channels in the ad breaks. I guess the reason my Dad didn't flick around like that was that we didn't have a remote. Ancient history.
Knitting is the perfect accompaniment to an evening of cricket, especially now my cat is no longer quite so inclined to eat the wool. I've got quite a bit done this evening, although have noticed my shaky hand is trembling quite badly. Next time, I think I'll have to take my doctors advice and have some wine with my knitting & cricket. (Apparently the alcohol can ease my shakiness {obviously, consult your own doctor!})


nicole said...

My dad has a similar thing with his hands and the doctor recommended the same thing!
Apparently my grandpa was the same too, the only time he'd drink was before a game of snooker, to steady his hand.
Sounds strange but apparently it works ;)

ruthsplace said...

What a cute kitty, so glad it's stopped eating your wool!