26 Jun 2013

Ups and downs

Points from the week

* I made a delicious pie. Chicken and bacon in a creamy mustard sauce, encased in a shell of cream cheese pastry. Just as good as I remembered. Except I've become lactose intolerant since the last time I made it. Which was a bit of a dampener.

* I made a Hot water bottle cover

* My children went to school camp. Both of them. Overnight. While my husband was away in Melbourne. It was the first night I've spent alone in our house, and was quite, quite strange. I didn't quite know what to do with myself. The kids had a wonderful time.

* We went to the Lifeline Book Fair, and stocked up. There was a tent out the front offering free face painting, and my daughter was shortly adorned with an enormous butterfly. My son said he didn't want to be painted. He's growing up.

* I've thought about sewing, and knitted a few rounds. That's it for creativity - all energies are focused on the upcoming birthday party, for which I've done virtually nothing. Oh well - I bought a huge bag of cheezels and a watermelon for the husband to transform into a turtle. That's all I need, right?

14 Jun 2013

Popping back

The last three weeks have been full of heroic endeavours of organisation and labour. Now my block of work is over, I'm returning to spend quality time with the laundry, the vacuum and the cat. I can tell they've all missed me.

There's also some party planning to do, and I really, really want to do some sewing. In the meantime, here's some of the early artwork for the party project

I think they're great! Of course, a Canberra winter is a great time to be thinking about mermaids...