22 May 2013

The little things

Lately, I'm trying to find the joy in my life. On Sunday, we took a family trip to the Old Bus Depot markets. It was the annual Celebration of Wool day, and the markets were buzzing. Lots of people, lots of lovely fibres.
Since I have a (ahem) sizeable stash of yarn in many lovely colours, weights and fibres, I didn't plan on buying any, but did want to browse thoroughly. I did that, while the family browsed in another direction.
We met up in the food area, and indulged in a little sampling, and buying. Delicious mini macaroons, candied nuts and great sourdough. A new-to-me patisserie stall was selling quince and rhubarb danishes. With real vanilla bean custard, they were wonderfully tasty - and I wish I'd taken note of their business name.

Definitely a moment of joy.


ruthsplace said...

Sounds like a lovely day out.

Michelle said...

It's always autumn winter and spring when I really have to make an effort to find the joy in the everyday. So glad you found it on Sunday. Xxx

nisabell said...

That sounds divine.

gnomeangel said...

We too decided to hit the markets on Sunday. I find we rarely leave the house together as a family so I really enjoyed getting out and about. We picked up some sourdough from Bread Nerds and I'm telling you it's some of the best ever bread!!! I saw the Danish seller but didn't catch a name... sorry. Have you had a look on the OBDM website, might be listed on there?!?!

Kylie said...

That looks fabulous, yummo!