6 May 2013

Moving along in May

After a technology induced hiatus, I'm back to report on my latest creative endeavours.

Autumn is well established, and I'm spending some evenings snuggling under a quilt, with my kitty on my lap. There's been some knitting; I'm working on a Milo vest, as part of a knit along on Ravelry.

My knitting's not as fast as it used to be, so I'm just doing a few rows here and there, and giving my hands frequent breaks.

Tomorrow, I'm planning on completing my latest block for my analog Rowmakers group, and making some decisions about my exhibition projects.

I'd also like to make some YoYo biscuits, using Mum's recipe. They won't taste quite right, since I don't have the Stork margarine that was Mums usual choice, but I'm expecting deliciousness in any case!

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