20 May 2013

Meal planning Monday + bonus epiphany

Life's been overwhelming lately.... which I know I say say too often. I was counting up lists of things I should be doing (while allegedly going to sleep) last night, and had an epiphany. A lot of the things on my list are things I do for fun. If I have to do them, they're not actually fun. My adoring public won't actually notice if my quilts make it into the annual exhibition or not.

I can set my list aside, and reprioritise. I can choose.

Right now, my priority is to plan the meals for this week. My house is (pretty much) clean. After I've gotten these basics out of the way, then there's room for fun. And it might not be on my list at all - it might be the wild idea I had about reinterpreting fossils in a quilt.

So, Monday we'll be eating spaghetti and meatballs.

Tuesday dinner will be individual meat pies, a creamy pasta side, broccoli, carrots and peas.

Wednesday's a busy day, with an after school activity and the in-laws over for dinner. I'll be setting up the slow cooker to make us Salsa chicken and black bean soup.

Thursday we'll be having lasagne - a double batch, so I can freeze one.

Friday's my new tradition of toasted sandwiches for dinner - cheese, ham and pineapple. Not fancy, but pretty much delicious and low fuss for the end of the week!

Saturday's another dinner with the in-laws and I think we'll be having burgers with heaps of salad. Perfect!

Now all I have to do is the shopping.... and that'll be another job off my (actual) list. Which, with any luck, will open up some time and mind space to make something. Which isn't eaten.


Michelle said...

Lisa can be overwhelming. I hear you there! And when start getting cranky about quilting as an obligation I know something has to give! So like you I've made meals my priority, and walking. I need to walk more. And then the rest is just the gravy! And I, back to loving quilting again, and enjoying the time I spend doing it

Michelle said...

Lisa? WTH? I meant LIFE! (Although perhaps Lisa (whoever she is) can be a little overwhelming at times.)

Leah said...

Thanks Michelle - I agree, it's all Lisa's fault! Walking's good - I'm spending time with the kids doing Wii Fit in a similar vein.