18 Jan 2013

Resting and planning

The children and I have had a very quiet week. We've been at home, in front of the fan, reading and cleaning, and listening to Harry Potter and watching DVDs. A time of recovery, from all the company and fun.

I haven't created anything, except dinner. Which has been a little creative, since I've been needing fresh and spicy food after our weeks of cooking primarily for the lowest common denominator, an unadventurous three year old palate.

Its feeling like this is a true holiday, with time to relax and think. Perfect, if only Mr Puggle was home with us, not back at work. I have been thinking about my goals for the year, which include creative and work. Creatively, I'd like to work primarily from my stash. This shouldn't be hard really - I've been very lucky with Wollmeise updates lately, and have plenty of fabric.

So I'm signing up once again for a challenge with AJ. The rules are simple - more out, less in.

I didn't have much success with 12WIPs in 2012, but I'm hoping this is one I can manage.  And to increase my chances, I'm unsubscribing to as many online fabric shop emails as I can find.

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