26 Jan 2013

Saturday Statistics

So far, my stash thinning mission is going well. This week has seen three Fat Quarter Equivalents (FQE) leave the stash, and none enter. It's a triumph!

This year will see less online shopping by me from the US, as their postal service has seen fit to increase overseas shipping rates by around 60%. I guess free shipping events from my favourite quilt shops will be far fewer.

Today is also Australia Day. I'm celebrating by getting my patriotic quilt onto the couch.

21 Jan 2013

Listmania One

Deb , of Home Life Simplified is spending time this year writing lists, and I've decided to join her. Every Monday, Deb will provide a prompt, and I'll do my best to respond. I figure anything that encourages regular blogging is a good thing.

First up, Currently I Am.

Reading; Sookie Stackhouse. The whole series (again.) I've needed something familiar, funny and multi-booked, and this fit the bill. I'm up to number nine currently, so hope to finish them in a couple of days.

Listening to; Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson's Wreck and Ruin album. Also whinging. But I much prefer to listen to the music.

Laughing at; Sookie.

Swooning over; pretty pictures of quilts. So, so many.

Planning; a holiday. It struck me today as I was (internally) cursing the heat, that I probably should have chosen a cooler location for it. Oh well - I am looking forward to a(nother) break.

Eating lots of; ice.

Feeling; like I'm ready for our year to start. I think I'm ready.

Discovering; how many photos we took on our New Zealand holiday. And how few I am in. Even considering a lot of them are scenery. I think this is the sole solo picture of me. I love remembering how happy I was when my daughter took this shot.

Looking at; the West Wing. We're watching 2 or 3 episodes a night, and enjoying it. Lots more to go - love a good boxed set.

Wearing; teva sandals. I love them, particularly with red toenails.

Cooking; as little as I can.

Wondering; when my children will catch up on their sleep.

Trying out; eating no dairy at all. It's not much fun.

18 Jan 2013

Resting and planning

The children and I have had a very quiet week. We've been at home, in front of the fan, reading and cleaning, and listening to Harry Potter and watching DVDs. A time of recovery, from all the company and fun.

I haven't created anything, except dinner. Which has been a little creative, since I've been needing fresh and spicy food after our weeks of cooking primarily for the lowest common denominator, an unadventurous three year old palate.

Its feeling like this is a true holiday, with time to relax and think. Perfect, if only Mr Puggle was home with us, not back at work. I have been thinking about my goals for the year, which include creative and work. Creatively, I'd like to work primarily from my stash. This shouldn't be hard really - I've been very lucky with Wollmeise updates lately, and have plenty of fabric.

So I'm signing up once again for a challenge with AJ. The rules are simple - more out, less in.

I didn't have much success with 12WIPs in 2012, but I'm hoping this is one I can manage.  And to increase my chances, I'm unsubscribing to as many online fabric shop emails as I can find.

3 Jan 2013

Shining bright

It's been a long time since I blogged - life got in the way.

December was a blur. Mr Puggle spent the first couple of weeks working overseas, while the children and I were in a whirlwind of ballet rehearsals and concert, choir concerts, carols nights and general end of year school activities.

We then flew out to meet up for 10 days in the South Island of New Zealand.

It was astonishingly beautiful, and we had a great time.

We returned to Australia on Christmas Eve, and embarked on another holiday, this time with family. My middle sister is visiting from the UK with her husband and children, which is a great treat for all of us. When you add our families together, along with my youngest sister's family, and our parents, we had 8 adults and 8 children (aged 3-9) staying on one suburban block. Stir in jet lag, and it was a busy Christmas.

We've all been visiting Canberra this week, and have another week to go, split between Sydney and the coast.

We love spending time together; but it's a marathon.