4 Oct 2012

The Beach

We spent two hours at the beach this morning, as a last hurrah before returning inland to home.

The children had such a good time. Holding hands against the strength of the waves, building a castle of kelp, and rolling in the sand.

It was bright, hot, sandy and accompanied by freezing water. I much prefer to look at the beach, rather than spending time there. But then, I also like looking at mountains, rather than climbing them. Murder mysteries probably fall into this category too.


Tonight, we're back in Canberra, very tired. The kids are home with my husband, listening to Harry Potter, their latest obsession.

I'm waiting for the action to start at Canberra Quilters. It seemed more polite to blog than fall asleep.


nisabell said...

Good to have you home :-)

jessica said...

Love your photo! You are making me homesick for my Island home and the beautiful beaches there! x