1 Oct 2012

October means Blogtoberfest

Well, in certain spheres it does anyway.  This year, Kat from I Saw You Dancing is hosting, and it's already looking good.  In fact, just Kat's blog name is enough to get me thinking happier thoughts.  Despite the looming pressure of daily blogging.

I'm starting my festival of blogging with a creative dilemma. I'm a participant in the third round of the Down Under Doll quilt swap, and am suffering major performance anxiety.

My English paper pieced block was progressing nicely, when I realised another quilter was using the same block.  Being mature and all, I decided to proceed anyway.  But now I have no confidence that my quilt will be at all what my swap recipient would like.

Last night, I had a brain storm.  It's an alternative that could work very nicely, but there's only a week left.  It's doable.  I think it will make me happier, so tonight I'll be diving into that so very well organised stash of mine.


nicole kane said...

you can do it!
on both the daily blogging and cool new block idea counts :D
happy blogtoberfest!

Elisabeth said...

Hi, I know the feeling, having just finished the Brit Quilt Swap 3. I got very insecure and changed my idea in the last second. It worked out great so go for it!
Happy Blogtoberfest!

Mandy said...

Oh darn that confidence voice in your head. He is a pain that one. Well jump in with both feet & do the other one instead. Yes you will be happier. & happy Blogtober!