9 Oct 2012

Granny Square Doll Quilt

Lately, I've been working on different ideas for the Down Under Doll Quilt Swap.  It's my first time as part of this swap, and I've been somewhat worried about every choice I have made.

After abandoning my first English paper pieced project, I turned to the granny square block, which I have seen in lots of places around the net.

It was easy to piece, although the instructions I followed meant every edge section was a bias edge, which worried me.  I'm typically terrible matching things up, so followed every pressing and pinning instruction, for pretty good results.  The finished quilt is around 17 inches square.

I also tried something new with the quilting - (mostly) parallel closely spaced lines of stitching.   I really like the effect this gave, but if I were to do it again would sash the edges with some white fabric.  The heavy quilting meant the edges were quite distorted, despite varying the direction of the stitching lines, which meant my points at the binding were not good.

Despite this issue I am very pleased with this little quilt, and hope my swap partner enjoys it too.


AJ said...

Looks great! It will be well received I'm sure!

Michelle said...

Oh that's beautiful Leah! I'd be so happy if you were my swap partner.