2 Oct 2012

Blossoms in my garden

Spring is my favourite time of the year in the garden.  Endless potential, and the plants we've forgotten about return.

Not that I'm much of a gardener.  I have ideas, but am a terrible weeder, and maintainer of pretty things.  Sadly, my husband's the same.

So, we'll enjoy springtime, plant a few summer vegies, and then let most of them die off when the weather gets hot.

I think I should make a spring time quilt - flowers with no need for weeding!


Amy Grant said...

I love springtime too! And like you I am not the best gardener. But I am trying!!

Love the pictures of your blossoms :)

TLN said...

Hello from the Blogtoberfest linky! :) I also love this time of year in Australia, when all of the flower burst into bloom - especially the tress.

TLN said...

Oops. Trees. :)

NatashaMay said...

Those look gorgeous! I'm not much of a gardener myself so I lave it to my mother. :))

georgi said...

I like to say I am a "planter" and lucky for me I live with a flatmate who is a good "maintainer" :-) There's something so satisfying about being out in the garden isn't there. visiting from the blogtoberfest link! x

Kylie said...

I wish I had a green thumb - somewhere along the family tree it was lost and I missed out (My great grandmother owned a nursery)
I still have bulbs unplanted, the shame, apparently they will not shoot next year:(

planettreasures said...

I love this time of year too (apart from the spiders)
You have beautiful flowers and lovely photos.
We have mainly native flowers which are really nice at the moment too.
I just popped over from blogtoberfest - have a fab month : )