17 Sep 2012

Organising once more

My spring cleaning has reached the craft room/office/excess toys storage/outgrown clothes storage disaster zone. Any time a room has more than one purpose, I figure it's a time bomb. This particular bomb has exploded.

Our cat Maggie has a fondness for wool, so it needs to be all stored in a solid cupboard with a shutting door. Which is currently occupied by a fair portion of the quilting stash. Most of the toys have been removed from the built in wardrobe (school spring fair next weekend seeking donations = perfect timing), so I have a bakers rack thing to build in there to put the fabric on.

The computer desk is piled high with random craft supplies, books and other un-categorisable objects.

There's a long way to go before order is restored. On the bright side, I found a previously unused Buttontree Lane project bag (win) and (less bright) many, many knit/crochet UFOs.  I'll count them later, as I move them into the very secure cupboard.

I've also finally come to the stage where I need to stop buying fabric. Previously when I've gone on a voluntary fabric buying ban it's been for reasons of economy. Now it's because I have achieved SABLE status (Stash Acquisition Beyond Lifetime Expectancy.) Lordy.


Lynne said...

I am nowhere near SABLE but I do have access to more fabric than I can use in the foreseeable future so I too am on a fabric no-buy-unless-for-a-specific-project diet!

Michelle said...

Oh SABLE. I fear the day.

Kat @ I Saw You Dancing said...

Oh man. I don't think I could face my SABLE!!
But good on you for tackling the great organisational dilemma. You're a braver gal than I.
Thrilled you're joining us for Blogtoberfest12.

Bron said...

I have just had a month of sorting and sadly I ran out of time to hit my craft room....it may have to be my whole of October focus . It is a great feeling though to lighten the load and donate things. x