17 Sep 2012

Organising once more

My spring cleaning has reached the craft room/office/excess toys storage/outgrown clothes storage disaster zone. Any time a room has more than one purpose, I figure it's a time bomb. This particular bomb has exploded.

Our cat Maggie has a fondness for wool, so it needs to be all stored in a solid cupboard with a shutting door. Which is currently occupied by a fair portion of the quilting stash. Most of the toys have been removed from the built in wardrobe (school spring fair next weekend seeking donations = perfect timing), so I have a bakers rack thing to build in there to put the fabric on.

The computer desk is piled high with random craft supplies, books and other un-categorisable objects.

There's a long way to go before order is restored. On the bright side, I found a previously unused Buttontree Lane project bag (win) and (less bright) many, many knit/crochet UFOs.  I'll count them later, as I move them into the very secure cupboard.

I've also finally come to the stage where I need to stop buying fabric. Previously when I've gone on a voluntary fabric buying ban it's been for reasons of economy. Now it's because I have achieved SABLE status (Stash Acquisition Beyond Lifetime Expectancy.) Lordy.

13 Sep 2012


Lately, I feel like nothing exciting's happening in my life. I've been spring cleaning (which is completely out of character) and been feeling consistently headachey for some time.

The deadline's fast approaching for the Down Under Quilt Swap, and I've been working on some paper piecing for my quilt.

Last week, I was fantasizing about giving up cooking. Completely. Never doing it again. Today, I decided to wait on that until the children move out. Only 10 years or so. So I celebrated by cooking Nigella's Zucchini Cake. My sister and I both enjoyed it, and we weren't at all concerned when only one of the five children present liked it.

While over thinking cooking, I've also been considering modern quilting. I'm not convinced I'm a modern quilter. Still, I like using modern fabrics, and my eye prefers to look at modern quilts, so maybe I am.

Tonight I'm grumpy about missing the modern quilts group meeting run by the guild (my husband has been working ridiculous hours lately.) Best go and read a few more blogs to make up for it!