27 Aug 2012


We've just returned from a magical weekend at the coast.  Wonderful sunshine, beautiful beaches, and time and space to reconnect with my sister and her family, and our parents, who have recently returned from an extended visit (to our other sister) in the UK.

We didn't visit the beach much as children. We all burn easily, and were never very good swimmers. In contrast, my kids love the beach, and are confident swimmers. Not that they were actually swimming this time - its only August, after all. We spent a lot of time on the sand this visit, and enjoyed it.

On our last day, we enjoyed the (free) breakfast at 8, then spent a quick hour on the beach before showering the kids again (an ongoing theme) and checking out by 12. This last beach play was definitely worth the trouble as while we were there a couple of dolphins cruised past us slowly. Magic!

After leaving the beach, we went for a family bush walk. It went through both rainforest and dry eucalypt forest, and had fascinating remnants of logging throughout. A lovely walk and the perfect length for the children to manage.

Most of the time, I'm happy to live in Canberra. But when it's nearly the end of winter, it's such a treat to go to the coast, feel the warm air, and use my Sunday again. Now I can manage to wait for the warm weather.

17 Aug 2012

Ducks on the wall aka Grandma's Hallway

My second entry in the recent quilt show was a miniature.  It measures 25 x 35cm, and is a representation of china ducks flying across the vast spaces of my grandparents heavily wallpapered hallway.

The fabric I chose for the 'wallpaper' is a Jinny Beyer print which has been in my stash for a very long time.  In fact, the selvedge says it is called "Millennium", so it can probably be date to 1999.  It's quite heavily machine quilted following the pattern of the fabric, although this is pretty much invisible in these pictures.

I didn't have any ducks, nor any confidence in the idea of making a duck shape so instead fussy cut these pukeko's from some souvenir fabric I bought in New Zealand.  In any case, I think they look far funkier than any duck could.

I also tried something new when it came to binding the quilt - a facing, as explained here by Brenda Smith of Serendipity Patchwork & Quilting.  It worked really well, and I was pleased with finish this gave.

It was lovely to see it hanging in the exhibition.

And I have hung the china ducks in our bedroom, where they look quite unlike this little quilt.