4 Jul 2012

Rainbow party for Miss 8

We celebrated on the weekend - Miss Eight had her birthday. Thanks to Auntie Bell, the food was fabulous, and everyone had a good time.

The weather cooperated, and as we arrived at the party venue, we spotted a rainbow.

We had the party at the CSIRO Discovery Centre, which was fabulous. The children got to handle various stick insects and turtles, and do various experiments. (Including extracting DNA, which took me some hours in a university lab some years ago. Now it's a kids 2 minute experiment...)

Its definitely an advantage of living in Canberra, easy access to many public national institutions. Apparently when the people were selecting the site for our national capital, one of the essential attributes of the site was a cold climate, as it helps brains function better. Our brains are functioning pretty well at present - I tried to use the garden hose yesterday morning, and it was frozen solid. We're still battling colds, which is less fun.

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Lynne said...

Sound like a fun birthday party.

As you can see, I've been catching up on your blog posts from March till now.

Are you entering a quilt in the Canberra quilt show this year?