24 Jun 2012

Easing back in

Seems like I've taken another blogging break. We celebrated the end of my work by taking a quick overnight trip to Sydney. The Quilt Show and a football game coincided, so we all spent some time doing fun things in the big smoke.

I was impressed by the Quilt Show, and inspired by all the hexagons present, and surprised by the number of elephants that were design elements in quilts. Since I visited with my daughter, I hardly bought anything (except ribbons for her plaits) and only took two photos. Both of bejewelled quilts. Most unusual.

We returned home on Sunday, in time for my husband to pack for his work trip to Melbourne, where he spent the week. It was a strange week for me - catching up on my silent time, and going from being very busy, to not at all busy.

I'm still not back to my usual self - case in point being a nap yesterday. I don't do naps. So lots of sleep, a little cleaning, and a little sewing.

This coming week will be busier, since it includes a birthday party on Sunday it has to be. Despite my sister making a lot of wonderful goodies for the party, there are still things to do, and social anxieties to be navigated.

I'll still be making an effort to rest though.

15 Jun 2012

Rest is good

I'm very tired tonight. Today I finished my block of work, marking children's examination papers. I sat in the work room today, with 30 other markers, listening to the sound of coughing echoing down the hallway. My thoughts wandered down a tangent, imagining I was in hospital. All I could think of was how restful it would be.I'm not sick, but am worn out...

So tonight, instead of blogging about the wonderful Sew It Together from last weekend, or my latest knitting project, I'm relaxing with this furry beast.

It's nice.

9 Jun 2012


for Sew It Together.  I'm nearly ready, which is good, since it's today. This year, I'm only attending the main stitching day of SIT.  I'm sure it will be great - and with my current work, and the fact that I live in the hosting city mean it was the smart choice.  I mean, I can (and do!) go to the shops on the shopping tour often. But I am thinking of a whole weekend of crafty indulgence.

My projects are done for the Sample Swap - pillowcases embellished with crocheted edging.

I'm very happy with them, and quite happy that the tutorial instructions I used involved cutting double quantities, so I have another set of pillowcases awaiting edging that I'm planning to keep.

Over the last two weeks, I've been working fulltime. In fact, six days a week.  It's been hard finding a rhythm.  I've only another week remaining in this block, for which I'm quite glad.  On the bright side, the children have been loving their after school care centre.  I'm very grateful - this could not be taken for granted, with my temperamental daughter.  When this work is over, I think the time has come to seriously look for a regular job.