22 May 2012

Happy patterns

Today, I'm cutting up some fabulous prints. They've been marinating in the stash for some time. In fact, some for a LONG time, and I'm happy to be using them. It's not for a quilt, but it does require the use of my large cutting mat.

As the weekend was devoted to moving my bookcase, and swapping it over with our buffet/sideboard thing, I have my cutting mat once more.

The moving was a huge task, and resulted in a large cull of the collections (9 greenbags of books are gone to charity.) It's also sorted logically now. One shelf for children's picture books, two for children's chapter books, one for photo albums, one for my wildlife collection, and the rest are assorted novels. Mainly collected by author. There's room for cookbooks too. I've also established a box, where books not yet read wait. They're not making it on the shelf until I've judged them worthy.

It's making me very happy, seeing these organised shelves. And making me feel I can spend time making things. It's a nice feeling.


nisabell said...

That looks very, very clean :-)

Lynne said...

Ah, sorting and culling - time consuming but worthwhile and, ultimately satisfying.