24 May 2012

My Creative Space

It's been a long while since I've been part of My Creative Space.  But today, there is actual creativity happening on a Thursday morning, so it seems right.

I've spent some lovely time fossicking through my stash, in search of the perfect pillowcase fabrics.  I figure this is the perfect use for those fabulous florals that I can't bear to cut up.

Cassie has a wonderful tutorial for making pillowcases with a crocheted edge.  I think they look adorable, and need some now.  So far, I'm up to Step Two, making the Posh Pillowcases.

More creative spaces over here

22 May 2012

Happy patterns

Today, I'm cutting up some fabulous prints. They've been marinating in the stash for some time. In fact, some for a LONG time, and I'm happy to be using them. It's not for a quilt, but it does require the use of my large cutting mat.

As the weekend was devoted to moving my bookcase, and swapping it over with our buffet/sideboard thing, I have my cutting mat once more.

The moving was a huge task, and resulted in a large cull of the collections (9 greenbags of books are gone to charity.) It's also sorted logically now. One shelf for children's picture books, two for children's chapter books, one for photo albums, one for my wildlife collection, and the rest are assorted novels. Mainly collected by author. There's room for cookbooks too. I've also established a box, where books not yet read wait. They're not making it on the shelf until I've judged them worthy.

It's making me very happy, seeing these organised shelves. And making me feel I can spend time making things. It's a nice feeling.

16 May 2012

Preparing for Sew It Together 2012

There are only a few weeks left until Sew It Together 2012.  Register fast if you'd like to join in the fun.

This year, it's being held in my home town of Canberra.  So no travel arrangements to make, but I do have stitching projects to do.

First on the list was the Name Tag Swap, organised this year by Gillian.

I made a badge for Lily, another Canberra girl.

Today, my nametag arrived from Becky.

I'm very happy with my badge, and am looking forward to wearing it.

This was a particularly enjoyable swap for me, since I've met both Lily and Becky already.

8 May 2012

Cutting diagonally

Cutting diagonally is essential right now. My large cutting mat is stored upright behind my bookcase. Perfect - flat, invisible to childish eyes and easy to access. Except. Last time I put it away, it cartwheeled. It's now far out of my reach, behind the bookcase. Which is full of books. It's a big bookcase, and I have a lot of books, so each shelf has books, with another layer of books on top of those, and where the books are narrow enough, there's another row in front, and another layer on top of this row.

So I'm cutting diagonally, because my 'class' mat isn't wide enough for a fat quarter. Still, the blade is sharp, the children are at school and the sun is shining. Things could be far, far worse.

3 May 2012


Way back in primary school, the derogatory word of choice in my set was 'poxy'. "That tshirt is so poxy, Mum, I can't wear it."

This week, I've been using poxy all the time. We brought chicken pox home from New Zealand with us. My darling daughter has gone from her usual 'I don't want to go to school' whinge to 'I want to go to school' instead.

This too shall pass, but in the meantime it's very annoying. We
went for a bike ride earlier today, hoping to exercise without infection. I figure the sun was shining strongly enough to kill any poxy germs anyway.

In my spare time, I got a quilty idea, and actually acted on it. Only cutting today, but who knows what tomorrow may bring.