1 Apr 2012

Winter is coming

Daylight savings ended here this morning. We used the (putative) extra hour to indulge in pancakes for breakfast. I don't know what diabetics are supposed to eat for an indulgent breakfast, but I'm pretty certain it wouldn't involve a choice of chocolate topping, maple syrup, frozen raspberries, lemon and sugar. They were delicious.

We're preparing for Easter this weekend. I'm making a chick wreath, using some wool the kitten kindly delivered to the lounge room. Very helpful. If she has access to it, it's not important, so ripe for crafting with.

This year, I'm attempting to decorate for Easter with autumnal influences. To help with this, I've gathered an enormous amount of acorns, which may well be rolled in glitter shortly. My favourite view from our lounge shows autumn has definitely arrived already.

I should be publishing my March finish for the 12 WIP challenge, but my machine was (is) playing up, and my life has been busy. On the bright side, I'll definitely make the deadline for April.

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