30 Apr 2012


Astonishingly, it's nearly a month since my last post. So here are my bullet points guide to what I've been up to in April.

  • Quilting.  It's ongoing, and no, won't be adding to my 12WIPin2012 total.
  • Crocheting. Lovely Posh Yarn.  Lovely to work with, can't wait to wear it.  Especially since the weather is so cold.
  • Farewelling.  All my children's grandparents have set off on adventures; they'll be back in August.  We'll miss them all.
  • Organising.  For Easter, for our holiday.
  • Travelling.  For two weeks in New Zealand's beautiful North Island.
  • Photographing.  574 photos in those two weeks.
  • Thinking. About geology.  I did pay attention in those lectures in first year Uni, but I want to know so much more after visiting geothermal hotspots.
  • Walking in an active volcano.  Highlight. 
  • Washing.  We brought back an awful lot of dirty clothes.


Michelle said...

Wow! What a month you've had! Did you enjoy the North Island? It's pretty amazing I reckon.

Hope to see you at guild this week, or otherwise at the MQ group the week after

Lynne said...

Sounds like you had a fun time; and wasn't it you that said, " home is where the washing is!" ?