4 Mar 2012

Water is a good thing

We've had so many years of drought, it still seems wrong to be complaining about rain. There's been so much rain this past week. By 9am on March 1, Canberra had already received our monthly average rainfall for March.
This afternoon, the rain was continuing and it was cold. As an alternative to turning on the heater, we went to the pool.

Now, that's the kind of water we can enjoy.
Last night, the urge to knit struck. So I browsed Ravelry, looking for the perfect pattern. I came across a lovely shawl, and started considering what wool to use for it. Then I remembered. I already started it. Some time ago. What a deflating thought!
Instead of starting a fabulous new lovely, I pulled out a practical project - a red vest I've already finished the back of.
It's still knitting, just not with the adrenaline rush of starting something new.

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