12 Mar 2012


Lately, I've been spending time on Twitter instead of blogging. It can certainly be rewarding, and I'm loving participating in the weekly talknt quilting chats. They're creatively invigorating, and the timing works for me (for a change!)

I'm also loving instant news. Australian politics has been exciting the last few weeks, and I'm loving reading informed and often snarky commentary as an alternative to tv news. (I'm Canberra_Leah if you're on twitter too.)

However, it means sneak peeks of my latest projects have been shared on twitter rather than here.

So today we've spent the morning at the Zoo, and now I'm spending some time working on a swap mug rug. This is the back;

That lovely heart is from my Prints Charming off cuts pack I bought at Sew It Together in Sydney last year.

Unfortunately, it's not part of the UFO challenge. I've done a little hand appliqué on the biggest UFO this month, but it's nowhere near done. Better get onto that tomorrow, I think.


AJ said...

Love the sneek peek!

LittleWhiteDove said...

This is looking lovely! Now I need to go back and check the list to see who the luck lady is!