29 Mar 2012

Historically speaking

Today, I thought I had found Billabong. A beautiful homestead, lovingly restored. A glimpse was enough to transport me to my childhood dreams courtesy of Mary Grant Bruce.

In truth, it was Lanyon Homestead which I visited with a school excursion as a parent helper.
I'll probably never live on a farm, but oh I wish I could. It was an envious day.
On another note, the title of today's post is the name my fabulous Dad has used for his newspaper columns on local history. Today was an important day for Dad - his last regular day of work before embarking on various holidays and long service leave before retirement. He's spent the last 37 years at the one place of work, in a combination of journalism, cricket reporting and proof reading. He and Mum are really looking forward to a summer holiday, as Dad's cricket work has meant he hasn't had one in all that time.

*actually, this wasn't Dad's title. But it was a historical play on words like his title.

24 Mar 2012

This week

There's been quite a bit of yellow this week. My boy has turned nine, and the cooler weather seems firmly established.

I've started a new crochet project, a ripple rug. Since I'm still in the first row, it didn't seem worth photographing. I'm also not entirely committed to the design - possibly I should be doing a granny square type design. I'll do a couple of rows before deciding for sure.

Quilting is also happening, but slowly. Machine quilting still isn't quite natural for me, and this quilt I'm working on for my darling husband's birthday is quite large. Still hoping to have it done by the end of March though.

22 Mar 2012

Swapping Mug Rugs

While I had avoided the mug rug trend sweeping the blogiverse, a good swap opportunity is not to be passed up.
The lovely Amanda made this mug rug for me - rainbow piecing and lots of white makes it very nice indeed.

For Andrea, I made this little one;

I really enjoyed making this - something about a restricted size maybe - and it was so small that machine quilting was a joy.

12 Mar 2012


Lately, I've been spending time on Twitter instead of blogging. It can certainly be rewarding, and I'm loving participating in the weekly talknt quilting chats. They're creatively invigorating, and the timing works for me (for a change!)

I'm also loving instant news. Australian politics has been exciting the last few weeks, and I'm loving reading informed and often snarky commentary as an alternative to tv news. (I'm Canberra_Leah if you're on twitter too.)

However, it means sneak peeks of my latest projects have been shared on twitter rather than here.

So today we've spent the morning at the Zoo, and now I'm spending some time working on a swap mug rug. This is the back;

That lovely heart is from my Prints Charming off cuts pack I bought at Sew It Together in Sydney last year.

Unfortunately, it's not part of the UFO challenge. I've done a little hand appliqué on the biggest UFO this month, but it's nowhere near done. Better get onto that tomorrow, I think.

4 Mar 2012

Water is a good thing

We've had so many years of drought, it still seems wrong to be complaining about rain. There's been so much rain this past week. By 9am on March 1, Canberra had already received our monthly average rainfall for March.
This afternoon, the rain was continuing and it was cold. As an alternative to turning on the heater, we went to the pool.

Now, that's the kind of water we can enjoy.
Last night, the urge to knit struck. So I browsed Ravelry, looking for the perfect pattern. I came across a lovely shawl, and started considering what wool to use for it. Then I remembered. I already started it. Some time ago. What a deflating thought!
Instead of starting a fabulous new lovely, I pulled out a practical project - a red vest I've already finished the back of.
It's still knitting, just not with the adrenaline rush of starting something new.