29 Feb 2012


It feels special, that extra day of February you only get in a leap year.

I've had a good day. I made a postcard sized quilt 'camping' and am quite pleased with it.

This evening Mr Puggle and I attended a Belinda Carlisle concert. I was a big fan while at Uni, so it was great to revisit her music. Actually, it still features heavily on my iPod playlist.

If I'd been to one of her concerts back then, I'd probably have brought a tshirt home. As it is now, I got a souvenir tea towel,and am very pleased with it too.

Last leap year, I blogged on this day, about a round robin quiltI was making. Sadly, I don't think I sewed another stitch on that project, and haven't seen it in years. Not such a bad thing - I don't need another UFO.

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