3 Feb 2012

Clown vomit

I've recently come across the phrase 'clown vomit' on a knitting website. Commonly used to describe multicolour fun fur effects.

Which led me to wonder if my new knitting project will look like clown vomit? And is that something I want in my wardrobe?

Quite possibly not. But I think this project still has hope, so I'll keep knitting for a while.

I was thinking all this through at my quilting guild meeting last night, and easily imagining a clown vomit quilt. One of my long term UFOs definitely has potential in this direction. In fact, since the top is finished, I've limited options to change it. Quite possibly the best idea is to choose a lovely backing. And regard it as the front.


Michelle said...

Certainly not clown vomit. It's multicoloured and gorgeous!

Lynne said...

That multi-coloured yarn is very pretty but I would need to see more to decide if it is really clown vomit!

AJ said...

Love your new header!

Taphophile said...

It is lovely. Not at all clown vomit (and I've knitted a fair amount of Barbie Spew to know of what I speak).